Saturday, April 30, 2011

The month of May: organizing and decluttering

As usual, I haven't updated this blog for a long time (as if I have a lot of followers who would miss me! eyes roll...haha!) Anyway, it's the last day of April, and May should be an exciting month for me.

I had my e-store properly designed, and I am formally launching it tomorrow (although it still needs a lot of tweaking). This is a one-woman store you know, and I do everything from designing to taking pictures, etc...I'm glad that I found someone who can do the site for me and who allowed me to advertise on their Facebook page and have my products used during their photo shoots (I know! Isn't that great? Gives me a lot of exposure). I am hoping that my business would soon take off and that it would soon be stable enough to support me. I'd like to be able to focus on it, but I still can't do that for now. So til then, I am all the manpower that I've got. I really have to be able to organize and schedule my activities well so everything will fit within 24 hours (I have a day job too.)

Another thing that I am looking forward to is having a work station FINALLY set up for me (yes!). Apparently, my mom got tired of having to shove things off the dinner table and kitchen counter where I work (no, beads don't get mixed up with our dinner, but the table cloth has suffered a lot of snags and frays due to my tools, wires, and pins hehehe), so she told me that she's having our spare room re-done and I could incorporate my work station. Yay! I am looking at installing a lot of small shelves to hold all my beading supplies, plus a place with adjustable lighting for when I take my pictures. Kaching! Kaching! I can feel a whole starting to burn in my pocket, but it's really a good and wise investment. Aside from the fact that I'd have my own space, it should solve all these back, leg, and eye problems I have every time I make my accessories. I do a lot of sitting, standing, slouching, and squinting in my current work area that at the end of the day I feel sore all over. Gotta think about ergonomics when I design my work station, and maybe when it's done I can share  a picture of it here.

Well, cheers to the month of May!