Hoop earrings

Under the sea: cultured pearls and purple shells

Pink! majorica pearls and mother-of-pearl center bead

Glass beads

Mother-of-pearl and acrylic beads

Sky: majorica, acrylic, and mother-of-pearl coin beads
Black swirls: wood beads on copper wire

Sea foam swirl: mother-of-pearl chips, shell chips in white, wood and acrylic bead on copper wire

Pop! Red and yellow mother-of-pearl chips, shell chips in white and coin mother-of-pearl center bead
Dazzle in red 1: majorica, wood, and glass beads with flat coin wooden bead in gold finish

Dazzle in red 1: wood, glass, majorica beads, with flat coin wood bead in gold finish and glass teardrop

Dazzle in black: wood and glass beads with glass tear drop center

Cat's eye hoop
I read in a magazine somewhere that if you want to draw attention to your face, where a fabulous pair of earrings. This always stuck in my head, and what better way to draw attention than by wearing eye-catching hoop earrings!