Multistrand necklaces

Green: three-strand necklace with heart-shaped turquoise pendant

Three-strand necklace made up of wood beads
Blue green: wood and mother-of-pearl beads
White mother-of-pearl coin beads, glass beads, majorica beads
Cultured pearls on gold chain

Chandelier necklace made up of a variety of beads: glass, acrylic, mother-of-pearl, wood, and chips...the center accent is agate

Double-strand wood necklace and matching hoop earrings
Seven-strand necklace in earth tones (acrylic and wood beads)

Three-strand necklace with flat coin mother-of-pearl accents, majorica, class, and acrylic bead strands
Four-strand acrylic and mother-of-pearl necklace
Although I don't wear necklaces, I seem to have a thing for making lots of them. Here's a bunch of what I've made in 2010. Some of them are early 2011 creations.

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