Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New feather earrings

I went gaga over the first season of Pretty Little Liars because I liked the story. It was something new: who killed Alison? Is she still alive? Who was A? However, when I finished reading all eight books by Sara Shephard, I mainly watched PLL because the girls are too pretty and their individual fashion sense rocks. It was fascinating to check out what clothes they wore and what accessories they have. I was especially blown away by Aria's feather earrings...

...and so I thought that if I find the perfect feathers I'd make my own pair. I'd like to think that I am artsy-fartsy like dear little Aria Montgomery. I have previously made three pairs and posted them here, but I wanted to make something more fabulous.

Here are my latest designs. I hope to add more over the weekend. Enjoy and indulge in my feather fashion passion!

Wanna pop out from the crowd? Wear these yellow green and brown  feather earrings.
Feather trapeze: these black and red feathers serve as the perfect complement to these hoops made of coral, shell, glass, wood, acrylic, and seed beads. The five-inch chains dangling off the hooks give it a funkier and edgier vibe.

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